DIY Valentine’s Day Cards

February 12, 2015


While Papyrus is one of my favorite shops on the planet (aside from Nordstrom, J.Crew and Costco), people will always give you secret kudos for making (good) homemade cards.  My sister Taylor really knocks it out of the park in this department.  I was cleaning out my attic last week and came across a handful of cards she’s sent me through the years – paintings, collages, drawings, you name it.  And while I not only would feel guilty throwing them away, I don’t want to.  They are mini works of art!


Sadly, I am not as artistically inclined as my sister, so I had to work the system as to not have the sad looking card on my parents counter.  What system is that? Workin’ with what ya got.  In the midst of that attic clean out I came across some confetti I had bought to use at my wedding 3 years ago.  I grabbed a little glue, some blank cards and got to crafting… here is my easy DIY Valentine’s Day tutorial.


1. Grab a cookie cutter or something you can trace – in this case a heart. (Don’t mind the chunk missing out of it).


2. Use a pencil to lightly trace the object in the center of your blank card. Or you could get crazy and place it where ever you’d like!


3. This next step can be done with numerous items – confetti, sparkles, gems, shapes you cut out yourself (or bought) – get creative!


4. Also grab some craft glue (I prefer a gel or clear adhesive… but whatever you have is probably fine).


5. Lightly dab some glue on the back of your flower (or whatever you are using).


6. Apply pressure for a few seconds to let it dry.


7. Keep gluing flowers along the traced outline.


8. Feel free to add multiple layers, and overlap as needed.


9. You can just do the outline of a heart, or fill in the whole shape… the option is up to you!

 What do you think!?

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