The Happiness Project

February 20, 2013

One of my favorite reads as of late has been The Happiness Project.  It was a great book about a woman who spent a year bettering her life by working on different areas of focus each month – her home, her relationships, her experiences…all in the attempts to become a more well rounded and happier person. 

I gained a lot from her book (so much that I am reading the next book in her series) but one of my favorite takeaways was to start a “Happiness Journal.”


I’ve kept a journal for many years, but I tend to be really good at writing for the first few months then fall off of the band wagon when I start to feel overwhelmed.  With a happiness journal you just write a sentence or two about your highlight of your day or a moment when you were in a blissful state.  Reading the book has made me more attuned to moments of happiness and writing them down (in fun colored ink no doubt) has been a great ending to my day.  


Plus when I look back at past entries, you can’t help but smile – remembering certain moments, memories, experiences that sometimes can be forgotten.  

Just don’t forget to get a fabulous journal to document your happy moments in… and a great pen doesn’t hurt either!

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