Pink Peonies

May 14, 2015


My mom and I have been trying to explore the peony garden in San Jose for a couple years now, so when Mother’s Day weekend came along, we figured what better time?!


Located 30 minutes from Willow Glen high in the hills overlooking Milpitas, this quaint garden features over 200 peony varieties.  The owner – Marcia, has a display garden, with blooming flowers and their associated signage, then a connected plot of land that acts as a “peony store.”  Simply find which peonies you like best, and you purchase your own plant to take home!

Peony Garden

Typically visitors are able to purchase cut blooms, but sadly with the drought, there weren’t even close to enough blooms to allow for that – but we were excited to come home with a few potted peony plants of our own (they average about $40 per plant).


While we were walked through the planting process, thorough directions are located on her site.  Plus it seems that once you plant the peonies, maintenance is relatively simple (she has had the same plants in her display garden for the past 17 years).


The only set back is it is a bit of a hike to get up there (be sure to follow the directions on her website NOT Google Maps or Mapquest), but it is really interesting to see how many types of peonies (so many colors, sizes, shapes) and it is truly really beautiful – in fact a couple got engaged there moments before we arrived (so cute right?!).


If you are looking for a midday adventure and are a flower person, this is the spot for you!



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