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April 4, 2013

So hopefully this week has helped you to get in a “Spring Break State of Mind,” but what happens when you actually pack up and head out on a trip?

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I am a very anxious person, and traveling can be a little stressful sometimes, so to help alleviate some unnecessary stress I created a “Home Prep List” for when I head out of town.  Physically (or mentally) checking off each of these points helps me to not be worrying on the plane if I turned off the AC or not.

Whitney’s Top 10 “Home Prep When Traveling” List (anyone have a better name for this!?)

  1. Turn off your heat/AC (if it is not a timer make sure that is off too… no need to heat your house if you aren’t there). Also turn your water heater to “vacation mode”/turn the heat down.
  2. Put a hold on your mail. It is super easy… just click this Post Office link (they will even deliver the mail to you when you get back!). Also, stop your newspaper (if you get one… do people still do that!?)
  3. I try to stop online shopping the month or so before I go so I don’t have packages piling up when I get back home.  If you can’t help yourself, make sure to have a neighbor bring in any packages.
  4. Lock all windows and doors. Close your blinds. Turn on your alarm.
  5. Unplug all electronics.  Make sure appliances (stove, oven) are turned off.
  6. Clean out your fridge of perishable items.  Throw away all flowers that sit in water (not orchids or potted plants).
  7. Run and empty your dishwasher. Avoid having dirty dishes in there for an extended period of time.
  8. Tidy up! I made sure to do a quick clean up before heading out the door and it was so nice to get home to a clutter-free clean house.  Granted we messed it up with our chaotic unpacking/laundry session but it was really nice to walk in and have the bed made, counters cleaned and dishes put away.
  9. Let your neighbors and/or family know.  If you can, have someone stop by to make sure everything is ok, or at least have a neighbor keep an eye on things when they step outside.  Make sure they have a number to reach you at/hotel information.
  10. I prefer the “make it look like I’m still home” approach to home prep, so if you can leave a porch light on (or better yet have your lights on a timer), I think that’s ideal.

What do you make sure to do before you head out on a vacation?

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