Ginger Pear Sip

November 8, 2013

Chopin Vodka

For those of you that follow a gluten-free diet or have people in your life that do, you know how difficult meal planning can be.  It wasn’t until my mom started eating gluten-free, that I began to understand just how much of the food and drink we consume has gluten in it!

Chopin Vodka

No one could be happier than me, when I was introduced to Chopin vodka and their amazing products. Did you know they are one of the only major vodka brands to produce gluten-free products (namely their Potato Vodka – one of my favorites and included in the cocktail below!).

Pear Cocktail

They also meticulously produce their vodka in small batches at their distillery in Poland, using local ingredients and sustainable farming practices… doesn’t get much better than that!

Ginger Pear Vodka

So when I was invited to try out some of the vodka, I wanted to whip up a fall friendly vodka cocktail… so I now introduce to you The Ginger Pear Sip!

Ginger Pear Sip 

Add vodka, pear juice/puree and simple syrup to an ice filled shaker… shake thoroughly. Line the rim of a glass with lemon juice and dip in brown sugar.  Fill with ice and strain cocktail into glass.

Chopin Vodka Shot

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