What I’m Loving Right Now…

November 10, 2015

Oprah’s Favorite Things list inspired me to share a few things I’m currently loving…

1. Good Eggs – This grocery service delivers locally sourced food directly to your door (free for orders over $50!).  Their website (and app) are super easy to use, and I love that the “menu” is constantly changing to accommodate the freshest produce and products.  Their costumer service is top notch too – any hiccups with my order and they have gone above and beyond and make things right. Click the link to get a free special treat with your first order!

2. UnRoll.Me – this app is an awesome way to clean up your inbox everyday. It allows you to (easily) go through your inbox and unsubscribe, “roll” or receive certain emails to your account.  Emails that you decide to roll are compiled in one easy to read email a day. Super helpful if you don’t constantly want to be reminded of all of the amazing sales going on every day, or just want to save yourself countless minutes deleting spam.

3. Tac-Oh! – If you are local, I highly recommend you check out the newest addition in Willow Glen.  This high end “Mexican Comfort Food” spot (and sister restaurant to Opa!), has the most amazing tacos and cocktails, and the best nachos… ever.


4. Zara Shoes – I went on a binge a few weeks ago, and have been especially loving these. They elevate the simplest of outfits (re: t-shirt and jeans), but are a lot easier to walk in than heels!


5. Din – If your not in the mood for Tacos, and too exhausted to fully cook something with your groceries from Good Eggs, Din is your way to go.  They send all the ingredients/directions (think Blue Apron), of restaurant famous recipes – but everything takes only 20 minutes to make (and not a Blue Apron 20 minutes, which often times means an hour).  Who doesn’t want to make Tacolicious tacos in the comfort of their own home!?



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