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November 12, 2015

It was a very busy (and amazing) October… here were some of the best parts (ok there were a lot!):

IMG_9825Building castles with some of my favorite kiddos

IMG_9873Hosting happy hour – nothing says “hello Friday” like a taco truck and margarita machine in your work parking lot

IMG_9975Pretty pumpkins in the Whole Foods parking lot that I felt to weird posting during our 90 degree heatwave

IMG_0018Spending an amazing weekend in Santa Cruz with my favorites

IMG_0131The Whitneys take over wineries

IMG_0140Cate was not feeling our swing sesh.

IMG_0286Celebrating J’s 30th in Tahoe

IMG_0326My first (of many) Good Eggs loot

IMG_0414J’s surprise party at the Basin

IMG_04731st Sharks game of the season

IMG_0491Hand sewing my Halloween costume (not by choice…ugh.)

IMG_0507Decorating my boss’s house for his 50th birthday party

IMG_0552Get it?!

 IMG_0642A much needed recoup day (we may or may not have watched 5 movies…)

Happines Files - Halloween CandyWanting to be the “cool house” I splurged on full size candy bars – too bad only 5 trick or treaters got the memo

IMG_0711One of my favorite cheese boards (chalk + cheese = yes please)

10 months down… 2 to go!

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