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June 8, 2016

Sorry for uber girl-friendly post today… but when I find something good to share, I always feel like this is the perfect spot to spread the word!  After posting about Burt’s Bee’s Organic Cotton PJs awhile back, I was flooded with many great deodorant recommendations (skim the post to understand the connection) and have tried to dabble in editing my skincare/toiletries to embrace more natural, organic products.


My mom sent me an email awhile back about organic tampons and I was a little blown away that this was something that never occurred to me. I started using Veeda tampons (chemical/synthetic/dye free) post-email, but when my boss’s wife suggested I look into a new organic tampon delivery service – Cora, I was pleasantly surprised.  The discreet wrapper was obviously a big motivator for the girl who refuses to buy tampons at the store (thank god for Amazon), and the 100% organic cotton/BPA free plastic applicator was tugging at my healthy girl heart strings.  Your first order comes with this sleek black box to store your new goodies in, and even comes with a travel clutch (which has made its way into my office drawer).

Once you check out their website you can pick the number of tampons you typically need, along with the absorbency type (and get combinations of regular and super depending on your needs).  Enter in your billing information and pick your payment schedule (monthly, quarterly or annually) and you never have to send your guy on an awkward last minute Tampax run again (your welcome to all parties).


Oh and I almost forgot the best part… for every monthly supply you purchase, Cora gives a supply of of menstrual products to a girl in need.

So if I haven’t convinced you yet, check out Cora’s website and use code whitney9 for a free months supply!




Happiness Files

May 12, 2016

The weather is warming up and I’m getting ‘summer on the mind.’  My next few months are packed with some pretty fun weekends, so it’s been nice to relax and enjoy our home before the (fun) chaos begins!

IMG_3570 Homemade Poke Bowls

IMG_3659 My favorite wrapping paper

IMG_3674 The prettiest wisteria in front of Chez Panisse 

IMG_3697 Glistening chandelier at the Claremont


The most gorgeous arrangement and vase that from The Gardner


I wasn’t even sad when I finished this cocktail – how could you be when it looks like this?

  IMG_3897 Loved this acrylic chair display at HD Buttercup

IMG_4022 Monte (my boss’s new puppy)


Peony season is here!!! #basic


Pretty proud of our picnic spread at the KRTY Song & Sip event

IMG_4042 Watching Brett Young perform at Clos LaChance 

IMG_4088 Post brunch walk with my favorite babe


Happiness Files

April 14, 2016

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind – we completely renovated our family room and then I proceed to get sick smack dab in the middle of it.  Oh and did I mention my husband was gone for the majority of the time? C’est la vie!

While the majority of our time has been devoted to our home lately, I wanted to share a few things that have been making me happy lately… so here we go!


Gave Bywater a try and felt transported to NOLA on an impromptu date night


Beautiful flowers from J paired perfectly with our weekly pizza/wine night


Enjoying the Pro-Am at Pebble Beach with my family


Our sweet/suite view from the 17th Skybox


The perfect afternoon ritual – Vogue and rose.


The boys golfing on our annual Cordevalle couples trip.


I love a matching mani, Lululemon, cocktail situation.


The prettist sunset.




I find this hilarious.


The most gorgeous (and delicious) drinks at Marengo.


I wish San Jose had as many flower stands as the city…

Happiness Files - Avo Salad

My favorite avocado and citrus salad.


Round two of our Easter festivities (I picked up cherry blossom branches at Whole Foods for a simple but fabulous centerpiece).


Thistle is my latest food delivery system obsession. I was hooked when I saw this testimonial: Getting Thistle Co food delivery is like having your mom pack your lunch if your mom is a 24 year old vegan style blogger.” Hook, line and sinker. Use code: WHITNEY291 for $20 off your order!


The prettiest gimlet.


Dragging the boys out for a double date on their work trip at Bardot.



Burt’s Bees Baby

February 11, 2016

No, this is not a pregnancy announcement.

Which I guess is kind of cruel to lead with an image of baby clothes on anything social media related when I’ve been married (and childless) for 3.5 years… but whatever it takes to get readers…Right? (I’m kidding).

IMG_5800 Burts Bee IMG_5783

When Burt’s Bees Baby asked me to review some of their adorable and cozy products, I figured that with some of my favorite people being under 5 years old (shout out to the DG kids and Baby Cate!) and the fact that half my friends are getting married this year (which will inevitably lead to little ones popping up in my life sooner than later), I better start figuring out the right “gear” to buy.


As I enter the end of my 20’s, my health and wellness have become a main focus.  I eat kale. I buy dish soap with an A rating. I haven’t worked my way to the natural deodorant yet, but baby steps people!


One of my favorite things about Burt’s Bees Baby is their simple purpose to “make people’s lives better every day – naturally.”  And what better way to make your day better by wrapping the tiny people in your life in 100% organic cotton? So do yourself a favor and grab some of these cozy PJ’s (or any other great stuff they have on their site) for the babies in your life (ie. baby shower/birthday/holiday gifts).


*Be sure to check out their President’s Day Sale which starts tomorrow, 2/12 and runs through Monday 2/15 (15% off sitewide)!



February 10, 2016

Last month we were lucky enough to travel to one of my favorite places with some of our favorite people.  Everything was perfect – the weather, the food, the ab workouts via laughing so hard… so when we deplaned to a rainy, cold night I was expecting to go into the post-vacation blues, but I felt something totally different.


UHH BUHH!? A shocker to myself too, let me tell ya.

But it all started with a thoughtful Christmas gift from my girl LJ – the Gratitude Diaries by Janice Kaplan.  The author starts the book on January 1st and talks about her year long adventure practicing gratitude, so I thought what an appropriate time to start my own journey.

I started the first night of the new year by grabbing the book, a pen and dove in, loving the mindset it put me in before falling asleep (reading before bed is a 2016 goal for me as well).

One of her first “homework assignments” is to keep a gratitude journal. A few years ago I did a post on keeping a Happiness Journal, which is basically the same thing… but I could never stick it out for any length of time.  I realized that after getting ready and getting into bed, I would then remember to journal, but would usually be to comfy (aka lazy) to get up and write… so I figured let’s bring this into the 21st century and do it in my notes section of my phone.  Considering most of use our phones as part of our nightly routine (setting alarms, stalking Instagram), it’s been much easier for me to remember to jot a sentence or two about what I’m most grateful for.  I plan on keeping a note for each month (which I will email to myself) and compile at the end of the year.

She focuses on all areas of our lives – relationships, career, health – and helps to really shine line on how important being grateful is for our mind, body and soul.  She’s super funny and entertaining, and having been the Editor in Chief for Parade magazine for numerous years, she has a ton of inside scoop celebrity stories thrown in there (that I obviously ate up).

If 300 pages of entertaining nonfiction can have me thinking “wow, I’m so thankful to have gone on an amazing trip and come back re-energized” as I get off a plane in 40 degree weather, I don’t know how you can’t spend the $15 and dive on in… unless you have a great friend to gift it to you… then for that I’d be pretty grateful 🙂