June 8, 2016

Sorry for uber girl-friendly post today… but when I find something good to share, I always feel like this is the perfect spot to spread the word!  After posting about Burt’s Bee’s Organic Cotton PJs awhile back, I was flooded with many great deodorant recommendations (skim the post to understand the connection) and have tried to dabble in editing my skincare/toiletries to embrace more natural, organic products.


My mom sent me an email awhile back about organic tampons and I was a little blown away that this was something that never occurred to me. I started using Veeda tampons (chemical/synthetic/dye free) post-email, but when my boss’s wife suggested I look into a new organic tampon delivery service – Cora, I was pleasantly surprised.  The discreet wrapper was obviously a big motivator for the girl who refuses to buy tampons at the store (thank god for Amazon), and the 100% organic cotton/BPA free plastic applicator was tugging at my healthy girl heart strings.  Your first order comes with this sleek black box to store your new goodies in, and even comes with a travel clutch (which has made its way into my office drawer).

Once you check out their website you can pick the number of tampons you typically need, along with the absorbency type (and get combinations of regular and super depending on your needs).  Enter in your billing information and pick your payment schedule (monthly, quarterly or annually) and you never have to send your guy on an awkward last minute Tampax run again (your welcome to all parties).


Oh and I almost forgot the best part… for every monthly supply you purchase, Cora gives a supply of of menstrual products to a girl in need.

So if I haven’t convinced you yet, check out Cora’s website and use code whitney9 for a free months supply!



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