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April 9, 2015


These longer days are putting some extra spring in my step!  My daily routine has grown to include enjoying a mug of warm lemon water, juicing (with this baby), and dry brushing,  and I love how getting up for my 6am barre class isn’t as painful.  I was super inspired by Food Babe’s new book “The Food Babe Way” and Loni Jane’s new eBook “Feel the Lean.” If you are looking for some healthy reading for bikini season, these are some great choices (with awesome recipes).  Let me know what you think if you’ve read any of them!  Here are some other things inspiring me right now:


Reminiscing about our awesome family vacation in Maui… this pool…


What most of vacation was spent doing (other books on my vacation list were – Girl on the Train, Dirty Rush, On the Rocks and Sharp Objects)

Easter Sugar Cookies

My post vacation diet. JK But seriously these are my favorite thing ever (Icing on the Cake’s Big Top Cookies)


Easter flowers from my love


Dinner at Nick’s with my favorite peps

Happiness Files

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