November 26, 2014


I was lucky enough to attend Oprah’s “Life You Want Tour” a couple of weeks ago, and one of my favorite takeaways, was her suggestion to start a Gratitude Journal.  Early last year I started keeping a “Happiness Journal,” but the idea of evolving it into a Gratitude Journal made so much sense!  Considering most of the things in my life I’m happy about are the same things that I am grateful for… and I love the idea of ending my day in a place of thankfulness.


Oprah suggests starting out by writing one thing each day that you were thankful for – a great workout, a wonderful meal with friends, clean sheets… anything! And as your journaling evolves, feel free to start writing EVERYTHING you were thankful for that day! It is really moving to see the changes in your life when your mindset is in such a positive space.  Plus on this tough days, it’s nice to find the silver lining 🙂


During this thankfulness filled time of year it is great to establish a habit that helps us to stay thankful year round!






Click here for my Happiness Journal post.


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