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November 25, 2014

Last year’s table

While food tends to hold the visual spotlight on this holiday, we like to do a buffet set up in the kitchen and then enjoy our meal on a gorgeously set table in the dining room (there really isn’t anything appetizing about half eaten dishes piled on a table).    The big question is where to begin?  Pinterest has lent its hand at sharing many beautiful centerpiece ideas such as this one and this one, but we decided to go a more intricate route.


My family loves the little details, so we love our guests to have a lot to look at, while not being overwhelmed or feeling cluttered.  This usually results in a color palate of about 3 colors, and special little touches like place cards, handwritten menus or dainty votives.

Some things I learned from decorating the table over the years:

Thanksgiving Table

Our table from 2 years ago

  1. Don’t wait until the day before Thanksgiving to buy your flowers.  Everyone was on the bandwagon WAY before you were… I learned this the hard way, when there were VERY slim pickings on Wednesday afternoon.
  2. Don’t forget to take height into accountability. I was very happy with how the centerpieces turned out last year, but the minute we sat down to the table, half of had to be removed because we couldn’t see each other.
  3. Always buy more.  I tend to underestimate a space and am scrounging around for fillers to save me from a bare looking table.  Now I always buy extra of whatever I’m working with (candles/flowers/vases), and then if there are leftovers use them to decorate your guest bathroom or entryway.


What tips do you have for prepping Thanksgiving decor?

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