Makeover Monday – Our Bedroom

February 8, 2016

This is my happy place and favorite part of our home.


When we moved in it had moss green walls and I wanted to give it a fresh and airy feel, so in a ground breaking design approach I painted it white. Whatever, I love it.

I wanted strictly neutral coloring and to create a calming but interesting space (think texture, flowers, candles, organic elements, etc.), and I think were on our way there!


Jeremy and I had been sleeping in a queen bed for over three years  and our combined height of over 12 ft and my subconscious desire to sleep like a starfish did not make this the most enjoyable experience.  When we moved we knew our first splurge was going to be on our sleeping situation.

While most people “can’t wait to get back to their bed” after a long trip, but we realized that we were not thinking that anytime we stayed at a Montage resort.  We call their beds “cloud beds” and honestly I could spend the rest of my life in one.  So our first decision was pretty easy – Montage mattress and bedding it is!*

Next up, our actual bed.  I’ve wanted something from Restoration Hardware in my home for quiet awhile and loved the look of their Warner Fabric Bed.  We placed the order and after weeks of waiting and multiple attempts to try to get it up our narrow staircase, we were in business!

IMG_5557   IMG_5582

Everything else we have slowly accumulated (endless stalking at HomeGoods, cashing in on saved up gift cards, hand-me-downs from family friends), but I’m happy with our space so far.  We are in the works of getting a bound carpet rug created for under the bed and renovating the sitting room off the master (thinking more closet space), but it’s so nice to wake up everyday stoked on where you live – GRATITUDE 2016!!!


Bed / Bedding / Nesting Bedside Table / Louve Art and Frame / Sheet Music Art / Coffee Table Books / Coasters / Light


Bedroom 8

*If there is one splurge I would recommend it would be to buy this bed. I literally feel like the luckiest person every time I crawl into it, and have sadly missed a workout class (or 10) because I just can’t get out of it in the morning. Even J commented how hard traveling for work is now that he “misses his bed” (thanks babe. thanks.).

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