How to Clean Cloudy Glasses

February 3, 2016

This can happen to us all… You are cleaning up after dinner, run the dishwasher and the next day pull out your glassware to discover them all looking like a cloudy mess.

What’s a girl to do?

Well, there are a couple things…

  1. Tiny scratches in your glassware.
    • These tiny scratches, when mixed with water and detergent can result in a cloudy film. To remove it, rub a washcloth soaked in distilled white vinegar, until the buildup disappears.  But if it’s still there, it probably is your…
  2. Hard water.
    • Add this rinse to your dishwasher to have your glasses coming out as new.
    • We also installed a water softener when we moved into our house and love it.  My mom also came across this cool version, that we’ll definitely look into when our current one gives out.

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