Welcome Home

January 29, 2013

J and I want to work on our gift giving habits and what better way to start than making a few “Welcome to the Neighborhood” gift baskets for our friends moving to our neck of the woods?!

Thank goodness for Cost Plus because most of this stuff can all be snagged up from there for an affordable price.  You can add/mix and match whatever you’re feeling… Happy gifting! 



Colander – $9.99

Wooden Spoon – $0.99

Pasta Sauce –  $5.99

Salami – $4.99

Wine – $8-25

Olive Oil – $6.99

Pasta – $2.79

Other Ideas: balsamic vinegar, cheese, fun cocktail napkins, the options are endless!

PS. Erin and Craig – one is coming your way!!!

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