New Years Resolutions

January 1, 2013

Being it is January 1st, what better a time to think about things we’d like to work on for 2013.

The last weekend of December I got my house ready for the new year – I emptied and organized every drawer, closet, shelf, and cabinet.  

I was most proud of my closets and wanted to share some of my thoughts:

1. Your closet should be a place that has you excited to get dressed every morning – beautiful things come in all shapes and sizes.  Put them on display! 

2. Your belongings should be easily accessible and visible – clear containers, shoe racks, jewelry displays… anything to help enhance the beauty of your belongings

3. Don’t keep something if you don’t feel or look good in it – so many times I’ve held onto something because I paid a lot for it, or it was my favorite shirt for a summer, but bodies change, styles change and sometimes you gotta let things go

Other tips: 

– Group clothes by “type” (I have my closet divided into work dresses, cocktail dresses, work tops, day tops, skirts, pants and jeans) then group them by color 

– Rotate your closet depending on the season (I keep a large Tupperware to hold either winter or summer clothes depending on the season)

– Display your scarves on belt racks, hold jewelry in clear divided containers, etc. Bed Bath and Beyond sells some great closet additions – check out: Handbag Organizer, Velvet Hangers, Shoe Racks, etc.

– Purge when the mood strikes.  I recommend starting small (sorting your sweaters or bathing suits) instead of going through your whole closet on a Saturday afternoon – it’s less intimidating and can make purging fun!

Hope that helps… Happy Organizing!

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