Summer Edition Pop Sugar Box

May 5, 2013

I’ve posted my love for Pop Sugar’s Must Have boxes before, and after getting their Special Edition Summer box this past weekend, I will do it again!  For $100 I got:

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  1. House of Harlow Sunglasses ($148)
  2. Henri Bendel Candle ($30)
  3. Swell Water Bottle ($35)
  4. Truffle Clarity Pouch ($38)
  5. Starbucks Coffee Refreshers ($8)
  6. Vitabath Exfoliating Sugar Scrub ($18)
  7. Sachin and Babi Sarong  ($70?)

Total Value: $347!


  •  The sunglasses are not really my style but are great to wear boating or to the pool or when I don’t want to wear expensive lenses.
  • I am obsessed with Henri Bendel candles and buy these regularly anyway, so this was a win!
  • My mom filled me in on the joys of this bottle – you can put either hot OR cold beverages in it and the best part… it’s double insulted so it won’t sweat in your purse!
  • The Truffle pouch is awesome… way too overpriced for what it is but I’m already using it and it makes swapping purses so much easier!
  • OBSESSED with this scrub.  My hubby even noticed how soft my skin was and I didn’t even say anything about this scrub.  Super nice and great for daily use.
  • I am beyond excited for this sarong.  I’ve misplaced mine somehow and the fabric is gorgeous on this!

Overall: I’m super happy I ordered it.  I wish I LOVED the sunglasses, but with the sarong, candle, pouch and bottle it’s a success for me.  If I’ve convinced you to take the gamble click HERE to order your own!

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