Spring Cleaning Tips

April 24, 2016


It took me a few days to figure out what I wanted to write…. organization and cleaning gets me pretty pumped up, and this could easily turn into a novel… so I’m going to take a step (or 10) back and share with you my top 3 organization/cleaning tips.

  1. If you can do it in 30 seconds take care of it now. 
    • This is a life mantra of mine… but if you come home and take your jacket off, only to throw it on the chair that is 5 feet from the closet it should hang in – just take the extra 10 seconds and hang it up.  Between putting keys on the hook, shoes in the closet, junk mail in the trash or anything else that gets thrown to the side, you are saving yourself an hour of clutter clean up, whenever you decide to get around to tidying up (and wouldn’t we all rather be watching Real Housewives!?).
  2.  Give everything a place. 
    • This can be a pretty larger under taking… but once you take inventory of everything in your home (and get rid of what you don’t need), it is so much easier to clean your home because everything has a place.  I know exactly what room/drawer/space within each drawer a particular item belongs, and it makes cleaning up less stressful (and sending people to get stuff for you a lot easier).  I am a strong believer in junk drawers (allow yourself ONE in your home), but make sure to purge it once a month..
  3. Buy a label maker. 
    • One of my favorite things is my label maker. A few years ago I binged on shoe-box sized Tupperware and created boxes for everything in my home from appliance manuals, to nail polish, remote controls, to sunscreen and party decorations. I also purchased a ton of mason jars that I use to store bulk goods in my freezer (nuts, seeds, dried fruit, etc.). It comes back to not only making your home easier for you to maneuver through, but whoever you live with or whomever is visiting your home.  I love that when people are staying over, I can send them upstairs for extra toothbrushes and face wash, and while I’d like to say this has helped my husband figure out where things go, I can’t lie to you all (I figured the giant MEDICINE label would help him to figure out where the Advil would be stashed… but to no avail).


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