Makeover Monday – Guest Room

December 28, 2015

One of the most exciting things about upgrading our square footage was the fact we could now have a guest room.  We love entertaining and having a special space for our friends and family to stay has been such an added bonus (and one we’ve already got some great use out of in our first couple months here!).

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Here are some of my guest room tips:

  • Make the space clean and comfortable
    • Try to rid the room of added clutter and knick knacks, and be sure to do a pre-clean before your guests arrive – i.e. clean sheets, mopped floors, etc.
  • Have a space for your guests to keep their things
    • While we utilize half of the closet, I made space for guests to hang their clothing – don’t forget to have extra hangers on hand
    • I also purchased a luggage rack that makes a handy place for guests to store their belongings
  • Have extra blankets and pillows available 
    • We store extras in the closet so they are easily accessible
    • On the same temperature note, it also makes sense to have a fan available for the warm blooded of your guests
  • Keep “extras” available 
    • I have a welcome basket in the guest room with extra toothbrushes, toothpaste, waters, snacks, cell phone chargers, slippers, etc. so they can help themselves without having to ask
    • I also have our Wifi log-in info readily available as well
  • Liven the space 
    • I’m a fan of good smells, so I recommend leaving out a candle (and matches) or a diffuser to help the space feel a little more like home
    • Fresh flowers are a nice touch – I recommend orchids because they have a longer shelf life and help to keep the space pretty for impromptu guests

IMG_4684 BlanketsIMG_4690  IMG_4697

Figuring out which room should be the guest room was hardest for us… our relator advised us using our spare room downstairs as the guest room because you should keep “guest quarters” separate.  They can use their own bathroom, come and go freely from the kitchen and it’s helpful to not have everyone on top of each other when we’re getting ready (well I guess literally we are with our two story house… but you get what I’m saying).  So (if space allows), finding a room furthest from your master is a helpful start for determining where your guest room should be!


What tips do you have for creating a welcoming guest room? IMG_4888

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