Sunscreen Guide

June 6, 2013
Sunscreen Guide
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I am by no means a skincare guru, but now that “prepping your skin for your 80’s in your 20’s” is all the rage, I wanted to share some of my favorites.
1. Jan Marini – I use her skincare line regularly, but her face sunscreen is the only kind I can use without breaking out.  It smells yummy and feels great on my skin. Highly recommended!
2. Hawaiian Tropic Sheer Sunscreen – There will be 2 things you will notice on this list: I love things that smell good and sunscreen that doesn’t feel thick and sticky.  This sunscreen feels like its moisturizing you but is super light.  Also the brand just makes me feel like I’m tanning, despite the 60 SPF 🙂
3. Coola – I just discovered this a couple weeks ago at a resort I was staying at.  They had different scents – including original and Plumeria, but I went with Fresh Mango.  It was streaky (in that Zinc type of way), but it was great coverage (the spots I missed, well that was another story) and smelt amazing!
4. Maui Babe – I have moved away from the Maui Babe train for the most part, but when I’ve craving a good tan I slather a little of this on my legs.  It does the trick, leaves your skin feeling super soft and has you smelling like a delicious baked good (if you’re into that?!).
5. Neutrogena Ultra Sheer – This sunscreen will stand the test of time.  It is so amazing it tops the majority of sunscreen recommendation lists.  It’s definitely for good reason.
6.  Burt’s Bees – Don’t forget your lips! In the midst of not forgetting my ears/toes/hands, I overlook chapstick and am regretting it for the following week.

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  • Reply Must Have Boxes June 6, 2013 at 10:52 am

    Great picks! I love Neutrogena sunscreen because it’s oil free.

    – KW

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