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January 16, 2014


So I recently did a little office makeover, and by makeover, I mean, I created one.  I cleaned out my garage and set up a little station for my blog “stuff” (pictures to come!).  When it came time to decorate, I wanted to have a little inspiration board front and center.  I have one in my current office at my “real job,” and while it isn’t a creative occupation, I find it nice to be surrounded by images that make me feel good!

The image board started in high school for me. The Secret had come out (if you aren’t familiar with it is basically a “law of attraction”/positive thinking movement), and one of their ideas was to create a vision board with things you wanted.  Not necessarily material, items but images and/or quotes that inspired you and represented things you wanted in your life.

My last updated “Secret Board” was my senior year of college.  I have had others since, but one with the actual intent of how I wanted my future to unveil itself was done 5 years ago.  Since then, it has been in a storage unit until a couple years ago, where I have placed it underneath my bed (where I sleep actually… which I feel is kind of fitting).

So now to the point of this whole backstory… Since I wanted to create an inspiration board for my office, I figured I would just use the board from my old Secret Board and replace the images, but when I started to remove the images I was blown away (and had to share with you all!)…

5 years later and here some board/reality connections (mind you my husband had never seen this board):


  • Kapalua Resort ad – the ad is actually for a hotel that no longer exists, but my husband proposed to me at a restaurant that is now located where the hotel once was


  • Lauren Santo Domingos wedding photo – Lauren is my current fashion icon (I wrote this in my phone like 5 months ago – and no offense to my 20 year old self, but that was definitly not the direction of my fashion sense).  I also have gotten married (which was what this photo represented, when I included it on the board).
  • Hawaii Images – tropical images are all over this board (I guess my college self was ready to leave the books behind and get my booty to a beach), but it is pretty funny that J and I LOVE Hawaii, and make an effort to go a few times a year…


  • Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag – I love handbags and I feel like Louis Vuitton represents a lot about the designer handbag world.  I posted it on my board hoping maybe, just maybe I would get to carry one, one day – guess what?


  • SLO Poke Wrapper – some of these are a stretch… I went to school in SLO and liked that the candy name is spelled the same way as my college town, but what are the odds that I will be going back next week (for the first time in two years!)


  • John Varvatos ribbon – I must have gotten this off of perfume or something and liked the pink color, but I find it VERY interesting that the man I married is obsessed with Varvatos (a brand I knew nothing about 5 years ago).


  • Leopard Artwork – this one cracked me up, because literally 2 hours prior, I had put this print in my shopping cart on One Kings Lane (which is a sample sale site, so that item wouldn’t normally be available is only up for a limited amount of time).  I knew I liked it, but didn’t know why… am I the ONLY PERSON WHO FINDS THIS ALL WEIRD!?!

Anyway, I could break down basically every quote, image, knick knack on that board, and relate it to my current life, but some things could definitely be a stretch, and this whole topic may be totally boring to anyone other than myself…


Regardless, I feel like there may be a little something to these vision boards, and if it all is a hoax, there isn’t anything bad about surrounding yourself with nice, inspirational images!  So go grab a corkboard/bulliten board and get to posting!  Tweet me your boards at @LaundryinLoubs

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    I am working in my vision board on Pinterest – they really do work!

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    I loved this post Whit! Very cool…..

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