Hawaii Here We Come (again)

February 7, 2013

So I am beyond excited to take my first couples vacay with two of our favorite people – Erin and Craig!  With the great deals on Hawaiian Air we couldn’t resist a weekend jaunt to our favorite place on earth – Maui, and we are so happy to play tour guide to two people who have never been!!!


We have a fun 48 hours planned… but before we get ahead of ourselves… what am I going to wear!?

Read on for my Traveling Rules and Packing List!

Here are some of my Hawaii Travel and Packing Rules:

1. Whether I am on the island for 2 days or 2 weeks I ALWAYS carry on.  It is a cardinal sin to wait in that terminal for any period of time when you could be POOLSIDE.

2. Don’t pack heels.  They take valuable luggage space and everyone looks stupid trying to balance on the sand in 5 inch heels.  Leave them at home and pack some cute strappy sandals instead. 

3. Stick with a color palate when you travel – i.e. pick outfits that you can wear the same shoes/sweater with.  Last time I only brought turquoise and pink dresses and brought along black sandals and a sweater.  Another trip I went with nude sandals, a brown sweater and blue/yellow/pastel colored dresses, etc.

4. For tropical locations don’t bother with a million hair/make-up products.  Humidity makes it very hard for your hair/make-up to stay in place for more than 2 minutes once you leave your hotel room, so just go with a chic bun or braid and rock your new tan with a little mascara and lip gloss (look at all the space your saving already in that bag!) PS. don’t forget liquids can only be 3.4 ounces.

5. Don’t forget to pack these essentials: baseball cap, chargers (iPod/camera), reading material (Kindle/magazines), sunscreen, sunglasses (be weary of tan lines or styles that work with the type of hat you will be wearing), rubber bands/bobby pins

What will I be wearing?! Check it out below:







  • Lululemon Workout Tank and Capris
  • Swim Suit and Cover Up
  • Black Tart Infinity Maxi Dress


  • Linen Pants and White T-Shirt



  • Brown Sweater
  • Socks and Unmentionables
  • Baseball Cap
  • Beach Bag (element friendly)
  • A few fun pieces of jewelry – Hoop earrings, stackable bracelets (nothing to heavy looking/feeling)

If you can’t tell I go a little overboard in the dress department. When I go on a vacation I like to think as little as possible and that includes when I’m getting dressed.  Mahalo for reading!

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