Dinner with Munchery

January 26, 2015


I love cooking (obviously), but sometimes (a lot of the time) you just need a break.  With the recent influx of delivery companies, curbside pick-up and impressive frozen food aisles, “get-quick dinners” are very easy to come by in Silicon Valley.  Jeremy and I have currently been loving DoorDash, but came to the realization last week that to-go food just isn’t that good.  You are expecting it to taste how it does in the restaurant, but after sitting in a delivery car and waiting to make its way to you, it could easily be sitting there for an hour – yuck.


Then one day a girlfriend told me about a company – Munchery – that has been a big deal in the city for some time and has finally made its way to the South Bay.  Short story – local chefs prepare meals that are delivered straight to your home or office.  Longer story – you have until 2pm everyday to browse their extensive menu (that changes daily) and place your order.  You then pick 1-hour delivery time frames from 4-8pm. You get a text when your meal is on the way and once it arrives you have either microwave or oven/stove preparation directions that allow you to heat your meal and enjoy it within 10 minutes!


My favorite dish last week (yes I ordered multiple times) – was the German Pork Schnitzel with German Potato Salad and Braised Cabbage Apple Slaw.  It was super flavorful and I loved that the dish had 3 different components.  The portions are generous and each meal has extensive nutritional facts for the calorie conscience.



I usually have a hard time deciding what to order, so I’m super appreciative of the star rating and multitude of reviews they have available for each dish.  They also have mini-bios on each chef, and I found it interesting that some customers prefer to shop by chef vs. dishes and their ingredients.



Another silver lining of this service is the fact that each portion is a single serving – i.e. J can order what he wants, and I can order what I want.  It makes appeasing clashing palates an easy task, and I also love that there aren’t leftovers to deal with (don’t you hate ordering to much Thai takeout!?).


So whether you are a busy professional, parent or person – do yourself a favor and give Munchery a try… you won’t be disappointed (unless they don’t deliver to your area yet… then you may be a little bummed – but sign up for their wait list, they may be coming to your area soon!).

Click this link to get $10 off your first order!


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