Bikini Bod

April 2, 2013

In honor of my favorite destination in the world, I will be hosting Hawaii week all week long!  The perfect way to kick us off? Getting bikini ready!


Although I am all talk in this department… if I were to get bikini ready I would follow some of these great tips/videos:

1. Ok, I actually do this in the mornings… They got me with the “10 Minute” line and really, who doesn’t have 10 minutes?  Thanks Pop Sugar for giving me hope that I too can look like a Victoria Secret Model! For the VS Model workout click here.

2. I also do this too… I love stability balls and think they make working out (slightly) more fun. This is a great workout, and if I actually followed it religiously,  I would have a “fit tummy.”

3. I’m a big believer in core workouts… here is a “simple” one.

4. I also am an advocate of jump roping.  I am really bad at running (and pretty much any form of cardio), but jump roping really works your heart rate and you can do it in a relatively small space.

5. Start your mornings off with this easy and yummy smoothie. Don’t be scared of the green!

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