The Stain Queen

March 14, 2013


My mom knows how to get every and any stain out… so when I drop tomato sauce on my white sneakers, or get a coffee stain on my wool sweater she knows how to save the day.  Here is a little cheat sheet to help you out: 

Spaghetti Sauce on a Cotton T-Shirt

1. Put Oxi Clean on Stain, rub it and flush with tepid water (to get stain out)
2. Put Simple Green on stain and flush out with warmer water (to get grease out)
3. Repeat if necessary 

Mud or Grass Stains on Sneakers

1. Spray with a pre-treatment spray (Shout)
2. Brush them down
3. Throw them in the laundry and wash with 1 towel
4. Let them air dry

Carpet Stains (Wine, etc.)

1. Clean with rubbing alcohol (use vodka as a back up)
2. It is a great soap-free cleaner

Spots/Discolored Arm Pits/Stains on White, Cotton Apparel

1. Dissolve Oxi Clean in a large bucket of warm water 
2. Soak all whites for 24 hours
3. Wash in a normal wash cycle with like clothes
4. Behold sparkly new whites! 

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