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Airplane Attire

March 18, 2014

With spring break traveling in full force, I wanted to share my “Airplane Attire Guide” with you all…hopefully you have (or are planning) a fun getaway to use some of these tips!


Sweater/Tank/Maxi Skirt/Cashmere Travel Kit/Headphones/Socks/Purse/Kindle/Sandals/Snacks

I have always prided myself on getting in and out of airport security rather quickly… here are my Top 5 Tips for easy airport travel:

  1. Dress in light layers. I love maxi skirts/dresses because they are like personal blankets, and when paired with a cozy sweater you will be all set for the near freezing airline temperatures!
  2. Do NOT accessorize.  If I want to have necklaces/bracelets/etc. on when I land, I tuck them into the side of my purse to put on AFTER I go through airport security.  Don’t be that person taking off your belt and unbuckling your boots and taking off your jewelry and backing up the security line.
  3. Wear sandals.  People love to wear Lulu and sneakers, but taking off/putting on sneakers is a hassle (unless you are rocking these), so I just put on some flip flops and pack socks for the flight (don’t forget your pre-trip pedi!).
  4. Be mindful of carry-on rules.  As I have said before, I pretty much solely carry-on. That being said, you sometimes have to get crafty with the carry-on rules. I only travel with a small handbag (love cross body bags like this one), which I then tuck into a larger bag (usually a beach bag or larger tote, to accommodate travel extras such as snacks, my kindle, camera and any magazines/last minute packing additions. I also include my toiletry bag in my carry on (at least to go through security), and then add it to my luggage before boarding.
  5. Keep valuables close. NEVER EVER put valuables in your luggage. Whether you are carrying on jewelry, a camera, iPad, or anything of personal value to you, I HIGHLY recommend you keep it in your carry on (especially if you are checking your bag).  Another tip, if you check your bag – pack a back-up outfit/swimsuit in your carry on, should your luggage get misplaced for a day or two…

By following these simple rules, I’m confident you will have a smoother time going through airport security.

*Beauty Tip: I really advise traveling with your hair up and face make-up free.  Applying moisturizer during the trip has been a major skin saver… and don’t forget lip balm!