July 3, 2014

Handle Last week, I was excited to share one of my favorite new sites – Quirky.  They have a wide variety of innovative products, designed by people like you and me! Well, maybe not like me… innovation is not my forte, but you get the point.

Dirty Mirrorbefore – note fingerprints

Clean Mirrorafter – squeaky clean!  (pun intended)

This week I was excited to try out – the Squeak.  It is a 3-in-1 cleaning tool that allows you to spray, swipe and sparkle! Enough with futzing around with a squeegee, towel and spray bottle… simply follow these easy steps and you’ll be good to go!

1. Grab your Squeak and a glass cleaner of your choice. Cleaner 2. Unscrew the handle from the device and pour in cleaning product into the base. Liquid Handle 3. Screw back on and get ready to get cleaning (perfect for those post lunch fingers on your hallway mirror)! Pia 4. Now all you have to do is spray… Squeak Spray 5. Clean the surface (mirror in my case) with cleaning pad… Squeak Clean 6. Squeegee clean and enjoy your sparkling mirrors (or whatever it is you are cleaning)! Squeak Squeege

My only concern is the streaking of the squeegee… it takes a few tries to get a mirror in tip-top condition (sans streaking), but it can be done…I would recommend this as the perfect product to reach for when quickly cleaning up kid’s hand prints, or pet marks/licks.  I also love the ability to remove the microfiber cloth surface and throw it in the wash in-between cleans!


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