How to Wrap a Gift

April 18, 2013

For some reason I’ve never gotten on the YouTube bandwagon and  tend to prefer a little step by step picture tutorial.  So here is my contribution to the tutorial world – How to Wrap a Gift:

1. Cut your wrapping paper.  Make sure there is enough to fully wrap your present, but don’t feel the need to use the whole roll…no need to waste!

Gift Wrapping


2. Cover half of the box in gift wrap and tape down to the box.


3. Take the remaining piece of wrapping paper and fold 1/2 inch under to create a clean seam.


4. Fold wrapping paper over the other side of the box and secure with tape.


5. Face unfinished end of the box towards you. Fold top half of the paper down and tape.


6. Fold both corners to the seam of the box and crease.


7. Fold outer flap in half to create another clean edge.


8. Tape to side of box.


9. Repeat Steps 5-8 on the other side of the box and voila! Finish with a bow.

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