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Nike iD

May 27, 2014


With my new fitness regimen, workout clothes have been the bulk of my shopping list lately… and while I’m barefoot at Barre3 class, J wanted to make sure I was outfitted from head to toe, and what better way then with custom sneakers?!


NikeiD is one of the coolest sites for custom footwear right now. You can pick the style, colors and everything from designs on the base of the shoe to the lining/swoosh and so much more!  I also loved the fact that you can customize the tongue of your sneaker (J and I did each others initials… awwww 🙂


Click here to design the sneakers I ordered.  Also you have to love that it is only around $20 more for a customized sneaker!



Are you in the mood for some more designing?  Here are some other fun sites:



Kickin’ It

March 4, 2014


So this may be a slightly controversial post, because today, I will be talking about – wedge sneakers.

When I first heard about the concept I was horrified, and like most fashion trends I come around to them.  Granted I started out with a $20 pair from Target, but I really like these (although my mom and sisters are currently trying to talk me out of them – thoughts?!).

IMG_7854 Zara Jacket (similar), Grandma’s Necklace, Gap Sweater, Joe’s Leather Coated Jeans (on sale!), Banana Republic Clutch, Target Sneakers

I find these to be the most COMFORTABLE shoes, and while I’m not all aboard the “wear your Nike Frees with your brunch outfit movement,” I am working on introducing them to somewhat classic outfits – because it is very ideal to run your weekend errands in these (not gonna lie).

I have a few personal “rules” when it comes to wearing these shoes:

  1. Do not pull your wedge sneakers out from the 90’s – you know… this and this pair? It’s ALL about the HIDDEN wedge.
  2. Dressing is all about proportion (general rule) – but because the sneaker can be a bit bulky on your foot, leggings or skinny jeans are a must.  A large sweatshirt, or longer jacket on top helps to balance out the look.
  3. Use this look for errand running/sporting events.  Do not rock wedge sneakers at work, dinners out (unless you are ordering your meal from a counter) or anywhere you don’t want to deal with people commenting on said sneakers (it’s going to happen).

IMG_7865 Despite the rules and regulations, I have had some of the most productive days in these shoes.  You feel bada**, and it is the joy of wearing heels (good posture, certain body parts look particularly nice, etc.) but with the comfort of a sneaker – what isn’t to like!?

IMG_7855 What fashion trend have you been into that no one else seems to be on board with?