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Lemon Water

April 16, 2014

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My mom has been on my sisters and I to incorporate lemon water into our daily routine for as long as I can remember. Typically, I will try for a couple of days and then fall off the band wagon… BUT for the first time ever, I am actually trying to follow my new years resolutions and have been consistently drinking lemon water each morning.


On this blog I find myself usually sharing recipes/tips I have researched and tried, but sometimes forget to share things that are part of my everyday routine… so let me begin with how I start MY morning.


After doing this cleanse a few months ago, I have completely cut out caffeine.  I originally switched over to decaffeinated tea first thing in the morning, but once my Meyer lemon tree started producing more lemons than I knew what to do with, I figured it was better a time than any to start my days with lemon water.


1. What is lemon water? Well, it literally is fresh squeezed lemon juice into warm water… BUT in typically Laundry in Louboutins fashion I had to mix it up.  I realized that I kept falling off the band wagon because I don’t really like the taste of lemon first thing in the morning… so I incorporated some of the Master Cleanse recipe to create my own morning elixir:

  • Hot Water
  • Juice of 1 small lemon
  • Small splash of maple syrup
  • Dash of cayenne pepper
  1. Fill your mug with hot water.
  2. Add lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne pepper.
  3. Stir and enjoy!



  • The key is really to enjoy purely lemon juice and water, but I wanted to share my recipe for when you need to “mix things up.” Better a little altered than not at all…right?
  • Make sure the lemon juice is freshly squeezed and that maple syrup is Grade A or B (no Aunt Jemima’s!)


2. Why lemon water? Here is the main question… and here are a few important reasons to start incorporating this easy concoction into your routine:

  • Helps aid digestion
  • It is a great vitamin C source – helping to fight off colds
  • It balances maintain the pH levels in your body
  • Is great for your skin and can help prevent wrinkles and acne
  • Helps reduce mucus produced by your body
  • Freshens your breath
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Helps reduce anxiety and depression


*Mind you I am not a nutritionist/doctor/or anyone remotely qualified in telling you what is healthy, but I just wanted to share some information that I have researched and found interesting.

IMG_8313 Does anyone else start their mornings with lemon water?  What health benefits have you discovered?