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G&T with Finger Lime

December 12, 2014


My CSA box just introduced me to the seriously intriguing “finger lime.” These little beauties are also appropriately named “caviar limes” because of the little beads they produce.  They can be used as a fun garnish on anything  you’d use lime juice in, and I love using them as a fun addition in cocktails (naturally).


While a gin and tonic is not a revolutionary cocktail, when made with the following ingredients, it… well…. is.  So next time you want to be a G&T purist be sure to stock your bar cart with the following:

Gin & Tonic with Finger Lime

  • 3 oz Bloom Gin
  • 4 oz Fever Tree Tonic Water
  • Pearls from 1 Finger Lime (no idea of that’s the terminology… you get the point!)
  1. Fill a glass with ice and top with finger lime pearls, gin and tonic water.
  2. Gently stir and enjoy!



** I was reading that making tonic water ice cubes is a great addition to perfecting this drink (definitely giving that a try this season!



***Also, adding a squeeze of lime juice in lieu of finger lime is just as tasty!



***During the summer season we love to use grapefruit wedges and edible flowers to spruce up our G&T’s (an idea we swooped from Coqueta). During the winter months when the citrus is harder to come by, I went with a Pomelo instead.