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Farm Fresh to You

January 27, 2014

images via Farm Fresh to You

I am a big Farmer’s Market junkie.  I love the idea of eating what’s in season (now that I have tasted the MAJOR difference in food straight from a garden/farm) and really enjoy going to the market and picking my produce for the week.

Unfortunately, I have realized the whole “pay with cash” thing, does not work in my favor. I am very bad at tracking just HOW much I spend on a given morning at the market – $2 here, $5 there… and after filling my bag up with goodies at a particular stand, I realized that I had spent $11 on brussels sprouts.  I wasn’t buying brussels sprouts for a family of 12 – I was buying it for my little family of 2.  You wouldn’t even pay $11 for a side dish of them in a restaurant! And these weren’t even cooked! Ok rant over…

Long story short(er), I realized that while I thought I was saving “some” money, I probably was doing just the opposite.  Some things are great deals – but sometimes seeing $5 written in a cute font on a chalkboard, makes me feel like I’m getting a great deal on a bunch of kale, when in reality, I was probably taken to the house a bit.

After this realization, my sister brought to my attention that Farm Fresh to You (they have a stand in the Ferry Building), delivers organic produce straight from the farm to your front door!  They have different box sizes and contents, starting at $25 (which will last 1-2 people a week or two!).  I also love that the box is a surprise each week, containing only the freshest, highest quality produce.  You have the option of deselecting items you really dislike and can log in a couple of days before to see what you will be receiving.

They make it very easy – with a vacation hold capability and an interactive scheduling portal.  You even can add on a dozen cage free, organic eggs (I’m telling you – I didn’t like eggs before I crossed over to these kind!) for a few extra bucks!

This is my first week with the box and I already love it… Here is what I received:

  • 2 D’Anjou pears
  • 3 assorted apples
  • 1 bunch golden beets
  • 1 bunch broccoli
  • 1 bunch carrots
  • 1 bunch red leaf lettuce
  • 1 bunch spinach
  • 1 lb fingerling sweet potatoes


I wanted to share a few things I whipped up with the contents this week… so here we go!

Cowboy Steak with Roasted Fingerling Sweet Potatoes and a Red Butter Leaf Salad with Pecans and Dried Cranberries (used potatoes and lettuce)

Honey Sesame Chicken with Broccoli (used the broccoli)

Oven-Roasted Golden Beets over Couscous (used beets)


Then I had carrot sticks with apple and pear slices for snacks at work and used the spinach in a breakfast scramble with Italian turkey sausage and sweet potato… yum!


If you are interested in trying out Farm Fresh to You for yourself, click here to sign up and use code 6164 for to save $10 off your first order – just say Whitney Beaver referred you!



Farmer’s Market Salad

September 12, 2013

Fig Cataloupe Blue Cheese Almond Salad

The end of the summer has made me go crazy at farmers markets lately, and I can’t get enough of summer produce!  Figs

 I wanted to whip a fun appetizer with my finds – here is what I did:

  • Sliced figs (I used green ones)
  • Sliced cantaloupes
  • Shaved Maytag Blue Cheese
  • Slivered Marcona Almonds

Drizzle honey over everything… Drizzle HoneyAnd voila! And voila! Fig Cataloupe Blue Cheese Almond Salad


Pimm’s Cup

June 21, 2013

Pimm's Cup

Now this is where I am kicking myself for not being more tech savvy, because this post calls for a video tutorial.  Why you ask?  Because today’s guest blogger is none other than my English pal Craig Hughes aka he has an English accent and therefore would make a pretty awesome narrator for this post. He is going to teach us how to make the famous English drink – Pimm’s… it is the most refreshing drink and is the perfect thing to whip up for your summer parties… so grab a pitcher, Pimm’s, and let’s get mixing! By the way, Craig originally was claiming this was a TOP Secret family recipe and couldn’t be coaxed into sharing it… but a couple glasses of Pimm’s later and he spilled the secret!

PS Don’t forget to read this with your best accent 🙂  Take it away Craig!

Pimms Cup

I have absolutely no clue about quantities… But I make it as follows:

  1. I put in enough ice to fill 1/3 of the pitcher.
  2. I tend to put about 1/2 a bottle of Pimm’s in there (that takes up 1/3 of the pitcher covering all of the ice).
  3. I then put in a bunch of fruit  (I use: 6 strawberries – the number of my position at rugby, an orange that is cut into 1/8’s, a lemon cut into 1/8’s, half a cucumber – sliced, a handful of mint leaves).
  4. Then, fill that bad boy up with Sprite.
  5. Now here’s the key move in this whole process:  Stir slowly for 32 seconds (not a second less or more).
  6. I’d then leave in the fridge for 30 mins so that the concoction can fuse together (I’d personally recommend watching cricket or rugby at this point whilst discussing the royal family).
  7. Now it’s time to serve.  I’d recommend putting ice in each glass before pouring.  I also would cut up more fruit that was not used originally in the pitcher and place that in the glasses (sometimes you don’t get a piece of every fruit you want when you pour… we don’t want to leave anyone disappointed).
  8. Grab your best mate, clink those glasses, say ‘Tally Hoeeee’ and you are away!