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Holiday Stain Removal Guide

December 12, 2013

We’ve all experienced the red wine spill on your gorgeous silk blouse, spaghetti dripping on your white tee… but by the time you’ve  figured out how to treat it, it’s soaked in a ruined your outfit!  Well look no further – memorize this chart and be ready to defend yourself against any holiday cocktail party mishaps!

Holiday Stain Guide

*with dry clean only items, try to contain the stain from spreading by absorbing liquid with a clean cloth or sprinkling with cornstarch (brush away powder of absorption).  Take to a dry cleaner as soon a possible.

Tip: If you are accident prone – think about packing a travel sized bottle of diluted detergent in your purse… never hurts to plan ahead 🙂


How to Clean a Cashmere Robe

October 10, 2013

Cashmere RobeOne of my favorite gifts of all time? My cashmere robe.  It is one of the most decedent items I own and feel so luxurious every morning I get to put it on.  (tip: gentlemen – take note with the holidays coming up wink wink).

The only downside with cashmere is it is slightly high maintenance… or so I thought.  But look no further! You don’t have to shell out $$ to dry clean your cashmere robe (or sweaters/socks/tops)… you actually can clean it at home.  Here is how to:

1. Wash out your sink or bathtub so that it is clean.  Fill with cold water.

Bathtub Faucet

2. Fill up water with a cashmere washing agent or mild detergent – ie Woolite or The Laundress Cashmere Wash (I used 3 cap-fulls).

3. Place garment in tub and fully submerge into water.

Washing Robe

4. Gently knead and work detergent into the fabric. Make sure not to stretch or pull (cashmere is very delicate and you don’t want to disfigure it).

Detergent5. Let soak for 15 minutes.


6. Drain bathtub and refill with fresh, cold water (I used the showerhead attachment to rinse out the fabric).

Drain Bathtub7. Let soak in clean water and swish fabric to fully remove any soap.

Clean Robe

8. Drain tub again and gently ball material to squeeze excess water out. Layout robe between towels on a drying rack or table (I did this outside, because a lot of water was still in the fabric).

Towel Dry9. Let robe fully dry… then cozy up in it with your favorite cup of tea… happy fall!