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Valentine’s Day Cards

February 13, 2014


Looking for a last minute card idea for your Valentine?   Look no further!


All you need is:

  1. Fold card stock in half.
  2. Use a white crayon to write a note, dray a symbol, whatever comes to you! – the tricky part here is you can’t see what you are writing… so I recommend the shorter the better 🙂
  3. Using watercolor paints, I did an ombre design on top of the crayon to reveal the sweet design!
  4. Let dry and gift to your favorite valentine(s)!

IMG_6746 IMG_6743


I also made some homemade friendship bracelets for my sisters with some colored cord, fun beads and an adjustable knot.



Make It Yourself!

August 1, 2013


I am not a big DIYer… but when it comes to jewelry I sometimes make an exception.  I used to be big into making my own jewelry in high school, but once I started college, I outgrew the hobby.  So when I found my old jewelry/beading containers a couple weeks ago, I was excited to get back in the jewelry making game!  I made a delicate beaded ombre necklace to match the Maya Brenner necklace my hubby got me with my new initials awhile back.  Since then, I’ve caught the bug!  I came across a gorgeous pendant at the bead store for and you can only imagine my surprise when I was surfing the Calypso St. Barth summer sale and saw this bracelet available for $70!

Materials: Center Bead, Hemp Cord


Step 1: Thread the cord through the bead.


Step 2: Take the right side string (we’ll call it String 1)  and place it under the left side (we’ll call this String 2) – make a backwards 4.


Step 3: Take the end of the String 1 and loop it through the hole you’ve made.


Step 4: Tighten the string to create a knot.


Step 5: Repeat Steps 1-4 until bracelet is the desired length.


Step 6: Repeat on both sides to complete your bracelet.


Enjoy the perfect summer accessory and the fact you’ll be saving $65!