The Holidays

November 30, 2012

The Holidays are here!!!

First up… Thanksgiving!  We had it at my parents house but I was in charge of the centerpieces.  Thanks to Pintrest and all the fabulously, creative bloggers in the world I was able to put together something I’m pretty proud of.  I tried to make it both interesting and creative and used everything from fruit/vegetables, mercury glass, to organic flowers, mint julep glasses to a giant silver wishbone and artwork.

Dinner was epic (as usual)… we sipped Bullit Bourbon with a lemon twist and indulged in all of our favorites – sweet potatoes with pecans, green beans with a shallot vinaigrette, ham with a meyer lemon glaze, pecan/sausage/leek stuffing, mashed potatoes… ahh I’m counting down to next year already!!

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