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Spring Cleaning – How to Clean a Cooking Sheet

April 24, 2014

I am going to start a little series called “Spring Cleaning” (original huh?) with some of my favorite cleaning tips I’ve picked up along the way… First up? How to de-gunk your baking sheets.


I always forget to line my baking sheet with foil, thus eliminating the need to clean it 99% of the time.  So if you are like me, your cooking sheets may be a little grimy if you’ve had them awhile…


Have no fear! In a few easy steps you can have your sheets (almost) like new!

  1. Place gunky baking sheet in sink.
  2. Top with a Bounce dryer sheet and fill with warm water.
  3. Let soak overnight.
  4. Remove dryer sheet and wipe clean with a sponge.
  5. Rinse well.






After Cookie Sheet

*Note: You don’t want your sheets looking like how they did when you bought them… a well seasoned baking sheet is important, but that being said chunks of food (for lack of a better phrase), or stubborn stains can be off putting, so this method helps with getting rid of some surface stains without removing the yummy seasoning you have worked hard to create!

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How to Clean a Stove Vent Filter

November 14, 2013

So this isn’t a very glamorous post, but one that I knew nothing about until recently.  It all started when I was noticing a large droplet (of what I later learned was oil/grease), in the same place on my stove.  I eventually looked up and noticed the filter in my stove hood seemed to be leaking/dripping… so I unscrewed it to see nothing worrisome on the other side.  What I did notice is that the filter was completely coated in grease (gross I know).

At this point I had no idea how to remedy this situation, so I tried running it under water.  When that did nothing (because the grease build up was so bad, and the water was just running over it), I decided to consult Google.

The filter on the right was untouched, and the filter on the right is one i tried to scrub with a rag (the rag is now in the trash can sadly).

After reviewing multiple suggestions, here is what I did:

1. Bring your largest pot of water to a boil.

Boiling Water

2. Add 1/2 cup of baking soda… Add it slowly because it will boil over quickly!

Baking Soda

3. Add filters to water and let boil for 5 minutes.

4. Watch as the grease boils away! Gross… but nice to know this is doing something!


5. Pull out the filter and see the difference in the side that was submerged and the side that wasn’t…

Cleaned Filter

6. Dump the water out (I recommend your yard… not your sink!) and repeat steps 1-5.

7. Let filters dry overnight and replace into your clean stove hood! Cook away!