Spring Cleaning

March 7, 2013


With Spring approaching (yay March 20th!), I felt it a good time to share some of my favorite random cleaning tips. 


  • Use a Bounce Dryer Sheet to wipe down your baseboards.  It pulls up the dust or anything stuck to them… and who doesn’t want their baseboards smelling like fresh laundry!?
  • Don’t forget to clean major household appliance like your washer and dryer (don’t forget to wash the lint catcher every couple months with warm soapy water – dryer sheets can cause invisible build up that often catches dryers on fire!).  I also recommend cleaning your dishwasher every 6 months or so… I run a cup of white vinegar through a cycle then sprinkle baking soda at the bottom of your washer and run a quick cycle again.
  • Clean your window tracks! I do a quick clean with my vacuum’s attachment, then take a q-tip dipped in white vinegar to clean the grime.
  • I clean my blinds with a vacuum attachment typically, but when I “deep clean,” I put on an old sock and dip it in a solution of half white vinegar (that stuff is magic i tell you!) and half warm water. Run it along each blind and see the stuff that comes off!

Favorite Products:

  • Swiffer Sweeper – I DIE for this thing… you can use it wet or dry and it cleans everything right up and leaves a nice smell
  • Clorox Wipes – I’m convinced I’m going to cross-contaminate 24/7 (even when I’m not cooking meat), so these things are life savers.  Get them at Costco – they come in packs for 4 for super cheap (but isn’t everything super cheap at Costco?!)

Anyone have any random tips to share!?

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