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May 30, 2013

Mixing things up a little bit and wanted to share a few things making me smile/laugh/feel good… enjoy 🙂


Kiss Cam

Nothing makes me happier than a Kiss Cam… so to see David Beckham ON a Kiss Cam (with baby Harper no less) I basically died.  But I almost enjoyed what happened at the 33 second mark the most!

A Good Book

I love to read, and this past weekend I started reading “Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me” by Mindy Kaling.  I know I am a little behind (the book came out last year) but it is so funny and so many parts are SO true.  Do yourself a favor and indulge in a great poolside read… I also am totally addicted to her show “The Mindy Project” (it is easing my pain of losing the office).

Wedding Season

The season is upon us… and what can make a person happier than seeing two people come together/having a reason to get a new dress (shoes, jewelry, purse)/hopefully have a little mini getaway for all of those destination weddings?

Bar Method

I never thought a workout would make any positive list that I would create… but the joke’s on me!  Three weeks ago I decided to get back in the workout groove and cleaned out my garage and have been doing workout DVDs (almost) every morning.  This workout is already showing benefits – a leaner, more toned physic and (my mom will love most) – better posture.  I bought a bar/weights/stretching strap, but honestly you can do these workouts with a chair on your living room floor.  Definitely worth a try!

Spring Rolls

We ate these a lot growing up, but once I moved out I was too intimidated to make them on my own… until recently! I realized what a quick and healthy meal this can be, and you can pretty much throw whatever you want into them!  My latest obsession is shrimp, butter lettuce, mango, cucumber, rice noodles, and mint… make or buy your peanut sauce and voila you are ready to go!  I also do this with leftovers for work the next day!

Ready for Love

My latest guilty pleasure, this Bachelor-esque show got canceled after the first episode and is only available online.  But don’t be deceived by one day of poor ratings… this show is amazing and last night’s episode took the cake.  Do yourself a favor and grab your laptop and a cocktail and catch up on this amazing matchmaking series!!!

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