How to Clean a Clarisonic Brush

June 19, 2014


I always have to have a little laugh when it comes to cleaning cleaning devices – bleaching your washing machine, disinfecting your dishwasher, or boiling your toothbrush… How can things used to clean get so dirty?!

Now that I’ve added another product to my daily beauty regimen, I also have added another product to my cleaning to do list – Le sigh.


Clarisonic BrushMurad Facial Cleanser

So for those of you with a Clarisonic brush here are a few tips on how to keep yours squeaky clean:

1. Once a week unscrew the brush head and remove it from the handle.

2. Put a few drops of Dawn (or antibacterial dish soap) onto a toothbrush and scrub bristles (I also use my fingers and a couple drops of shampoo on the brush head daily for a quick clean).

3. Let the brush head air dry separately from the handle (best overnight).

4. I store mine upright in the shower (the whole device is waterproof, so I use mine as part of my shower routine) but I think you are supposed to store it face down with the cap on (you just want to make sure the bristles are protected.

5. Every 3 months change out the brush head. Personally my skin starts to take a turn for the worst if I push the usage any longer.


Happy Cleaning!

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