Bedding Guide

May 16, 2013

Jeremy and I are learning that a queen bed is not ideal for two people averaging 6 ft… so I’ve been investigating bedding options while we plan out our upgrade.  Here is what I’ve learned so far:


Thread Count: Often used to help determine durability and smoothness of sheets – higher the thread count the better.  General consensus seems to be – Never buy something lower than a 200 thread count, 300-400 will be a soft, nice option and anything over 800 will be a waste of money. While thread count is a factor, I learned it’s actually more important to determine the type of cotton.


Material: Best option is 100% Egyptian cotton (retail pricing on sets will be around $500).   The threads are long and produce a strong, long-lasting yet thin and luxurious fabric.  Runner up would be 100% pima cotton (aka Supima – retail pricing on sheet sets will be around $200).  This cotton is also soft and will pill less than standard cotton. Don’t be tricked by labels that just say 100% cotton because these sheets tend to be more rough. (Note: other options are available, but not recommended for a splurge – ie flannel sheets are great for boys or a cabin house and silk sheets are just creepy and not really good in any situation – in my opinion).


Weave Types: When shopping you will come across terms like percale or sateen – these are weave types.  Both are great options, percale is a matte, plain weave – has a cool, crisp feel (great for summer or those that heat up when sleeping). Sateen is very soft but a heavier fabric with a smooth finish (similar to satin).


Where to Buy: My mom has always said Restoration Hardware has some of the best bedding and I have to agree! My mother-in-law gifted us this bedding for our wedding and it’s amazing.  The great part is it gets better/softer with each wash!  Just make sure to wash your sheets in lukewarm water and not to dry on high heat because heat will breakdown the weave of our sheets. Anyway, I’m partial to Restoration Hardware (keep an eye out for sales!), but Bed, Bath and Beyond (use those 20% coupons!) are another great option, as well as online shopping resources –,,, etc.

We spend almost half of our life in bed so it might as well be a good one!  Sleep tight!

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